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Welcome to Bach To Basics Music’s YouTube channel! Discover top-tier online piano and theory lessons for all ages. Join me here to elevate your musical skills with tips and tricks to help you between lessons. Embark on your musical journey today!


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Sight Reading Simple Rhythms

Sight Reading Simple Rhythms

Welcome to the Sight Reading Simple Rhythms playlist featuring 11-12 videos for practice in each playlist! Each playlist will have you tackling duple, triple, and quadruple time signatures—all within simple time signatures. Challenge yourself to clap along with the...

Interval Ear Training for Piano

Interval Ear Training for Piano

Welcome to part one of the Major Second Interval Training playlist, featuring Exams 1-4! Each exam will have you tackling intervals played above a note, below a note, and in solid form—all within the confines of a single octave. Challenge yourself to guess the...

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