Piano Lessons For Homeschooling


Tailored and adaptable online piano lessons designed to meet the unique needs of your child. This guide is your resource for seamlessly integrating piano instruction into your homeschooling curriculum.


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step one:

Customized learning plans

Seek out a music instructor who places importance on tailoring your child’s education to their distinct needs, pace, and learning style, cultivating a more personalized and nurturing learning environment. You can find details about my teaching methods here.


step two:

Flexible & fitting your schedule

Embracing the world of online piano or theory lessons is an exciting journey with the advantage of flexibility. Imagine being able to tailor your studies to fit seamlessly into your family’s unique routine and pace. This flexibility facilitates different learning speeds and preferences, creating a truly personalized and enjoyable musical experience.

Step three:

What students are saying

Listen to what other students say about their teacher, and learn from their experiences.

step four:

Holistic education

Think of embracing a holistic approach to music education, going beyond music technique, opening the door to a well-rounded journey that nurtures academic understanding, character development, life skills, and hands-on learning experiences. Picture your child mastering musical technique and growing as an individual, learning the art of daily practice routines, and honing valuable skills in task and time management.

step five:

Emphasis on values and beliefs

Independent music instructors operate outside the confines of the traditional education system. This unique position allows them to embrace a more open approach, where you, the parent, can actively contribute your values, beliefs, and cultural aspects to shape your child’s music education. This results in a personalized, values-based, and culturally relevant educational experience tailor-made for your child. You can find out more about my teaching style here. 

step six:

Specialized or enriched programs

Look for a modern and dynamic approach  when seeking piano lessons for homeschooling where the teacher can curate a specialized program uniquely suited to your child. Whether you’re intrigued by the structured path of the Royal Conservatory of Music exam program or inclined towards tailored lessons that align with your child’s interests, talents, or distinct learning requirements, the choice is yours. Dive deeper into my approach to teaching music and how online lessons offer a genuinely enriching experience for your child. Explore more about my teaching style here.

step seven:

Inclusive education

Discover educators who center their attention on students, fostering an inclusive environment where your child’s diverse abilities and needs meet with personalized attention and support. This approach creates a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere. If you want to learn more about me as a teacher, click here.

step eight:

Real-world application

Online piano and theory lessons go beyond music, seamlessly incorporating real-world practical skills into the curriculum. Children engage with email, electronic document delivery, and conferencing software, gaining skills beyond academics. This approach prepares them for lifelong learning and cultivates abilities essential for success in the workforce.

step nine:

Technology integration

When seeking online piano lessons for homeschooling, opt for a format that embraces reliable and user-friendly technology. Prioritize an online learning environment with exceptional video and audio quality and intuitive interfaces. I utilize platforms such as Skype or Zoom to teach my students. For more details about lessons, you can explore my website here.

step ten:

The student-teacher relationship

Look for a teacher who goes beyond merely providing instructions but seeks a collaborative partnership with their student. Studying music is delving into an art form involving individuals working together toward an expected outcome. It’s about the student and teacher discussing what they hear, suggesting potential changes, and mutually exploring and sharing their passion for music.

step eleven:

Assessment and progress tracking

When opting for private piano or theory lessons, enrolling in The Royal Conservatory of Music certificate program is an excellent method to assess your child’s abilities. This program instills a sense of pride in students and validates their hard work with grades and certificates. Additionally, I’m always available to provide parents with regular updates on their child’s progress. For more information on lessons, feel free to explore details here.

step twelve:

Try a Free Trial Lesson

Individual homeschooling approaches differ significantly, each guided by unique preferences and priorities influenced by specific circumstances and beliefs. I extend my best wishes to you in your search for the ideal private music teacher. If you have any questions or believe I may be the right teacher for your child, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am excited about the possibility of assisting you on this musical journey.

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