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Welcome to Bach To Basics Music

Hello! I’m Trevor, and welcome to Bach To Basics Music. With over 25 years of teaching experience, what sets my studio apart is the personalized approach for every student, whether adult or child.

As students delve into music exploration, I join them on the journey, guiding them through diverse experiences. I’ve prepared students for all levels of RCM exams, helped them in recording albums and writing sheet music. I’ve also supported school music teachers by creating instrument parts for my students when none were available.

While covering the essentials, I let each student’s interests shape our learning adventures, creating a fun and imaginative environment.

It’s more than learning; it’s about fostering a deep love for music, be it a hobby or potential career. My studio isn’t just a place to learn; it’s where music education becomes a personalized adventure for each student’s passions.

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

Adventures with music

What students are saying!

I’m truly grateful to my wonderful students and their parents for their kind words about my role as a piano teacher. Your support and appreciation mean the world to me, and it is a joy to witness the positive impact of our lesson time spent together. Thank you for your encouragement and trust in my teaching.

my youtube channel

Bach To Basics on YouTube

Visit my unprofessional YouTube channel, which features awful sound and poor lighting.

for students with expanded interests

A modern approach to lessons

Personalized online piano and theory lessons tailored to your interests. Experience a modern and creative approach that goes beyond traditional learning, delving into music production, composition, and exciting musical endeavours. (optional)

Classical & Jazz Piano

Beginner and advanced, classical and jazz piano lessons for students of all ages.

Composition, Theory, Harmony

Beginner and advanced, classical and jazz theory and harmony lessons.

Beginner Drums

You can receive supplemental beginner instruction on the drum set.

Beginner Guitar

Students can receive supplemental beginner instruction on the guitar.


You can learn your instruments with the goal of completing a recording project.

Music Production

Students can learn their instruments with the goal of producing music.

Music as a hobby

My other YouTube channels

Explore and discover diverse ways to manifest your love for music. I’ve developed these other YouTube channels specifically to impart insights on expressing your musical creativity. Join me as I share the knowledge gained from my pursuits as a hobbyist in recording, home studios, composition, and self-publishing, providing you with avenues to express your own musical ingenuity. This is an ongoing project.

Listening Edge Records
Illustrious Sound
Trevor Baron Music
Up-Tempo Publishing

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9:00am – 9:00pm

My studio is closed for lessons.

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