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Edmonton Piano Lessons

Written by Trevor Baron

I’m a certified online piano and theory teacher accredited by the Royal Conservatory of Music; I specialize in providing personalized online lessons using platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

June 13, 2024

Bach To Basics Music - Live Online Piano & Theory Lessons in Edmonton

Hello I’m Trevor and welcome to the Canadian Tour of Music Schools! Before we begin, I’d like to welcome you to my studio Bach to Basics Music. I offer live online piano and theory lessons tailored to meet your individual needs. You can see what students are saying here.

With over 25 years of experience as a certified Royal Conservatory of Music teacher, I’m committed to helping adults and children ages 7+ achieve their musical goals.

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About Edmonton Alberta

Edmonton is the eighth stop on our Canadian tour of music schools. Welcome to Edmonton, Alberta. Here’s an overview of Edmonton’s music schools and the local music scene! 

City website: https://www.edmonton.ca/
Population: 981,280 (2017)

Music Schools & Piano Lessons in Edmonton

While my studio specializes in providing online piano and theory lessons, through Skype or Zoom, here are some music schools that might strike the right chord if you’re looking for in-person piano lessons in Edmonton, Alberta. These aren’t endorsements, just friendly suggestions to help guide your musical journey.

1. Edmonton Academy of Music:

  • Provides private, group, and online instrument and vocal training lessons. They cater to all ages and skill levels, with programs designed to build long-lasting relationships and guide students through their musical journey.
  • Website: Edmonton Academy of Music

2. Windermere Music Academy:

  • Provides a wide range of music classes, including piano, violin, guitar, drums, and vocal lessons. They focus on making music education enjoyable and balanced for kids and adults.
  • Website: Windermere Music Academy

3. Dominelli School of Music:

  • Known for its supportive learning environment, offering private and group lessons in instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, and violin. They also cater to students with disabilities, making them an inclusive music school.
  • Website: Dominelli School of Music

4. Alberta Music Academy:

  • Provides a well-rounded musical education focusing on fundamental techniques and musical appreciation. They offer group and private piano lessons, theory, and more.
  • Website: Alberta Music Academy

5. Resonate Music School & Studio:

  • It provides personalized music education, classes in various instruments, and vocal training. It also provides professional recording studio services.
  • Website: Resonate Music School & Studio

6. Visionary Centre for the Performing Arts:

7. Windermere Music Academy:

  • The academy offers various instrumental lessons from qualified teachers in a nice setting. They also offer other music and non-music programs.
  • Website: Windermere Music Academy

8. Long & McQuade:

  • Long & McQuade offers private piano lessons and instruction on other instruments through its lesson center, which has multiple locations in Edmonton.
  • Website: Long & McQuade

These schools offer comprehensive music education programs catering to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring a supportive and enriching learning experience.

Discover the Rhythm of Edmonton, Alberta

As the vibrant capital city of Alberta, Edmonton offers a dynamic and diverse music scene that beckons music lovers worldwide. Known for its energetic festivals, eclectic venues, and thriving local talent, Edmonton promises an unforgettable musical journey for every visitor.

Iconic Venues and Live Performances

Edmonton boasts an impressive array of music venues catering to all tastes. The iconic Winspear Centre, renowned for its exceptional acoustics, hosts performances by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and other world-class acts. The Starlite Room is a hotspot for live music, featuring a range of genres from indie rock to electronic beats. The Art Gallery of Alberta and the Edmonton EXPO Centre also frequently host concerts and music events, adding to the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

Festivals that Celebrate Music

Edmonton is celebrated for its vibrant festival scene, which pulses with energy throughout the year. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival, held every August at Gallagher Park, draws international artists and enthusiastic crowds to its scenic river valley location. The Edmonton International Jazz Festival showcases stellar performances across the city. At the same time, the Interstellar Rodeo offers a unique blend of music and wine in the picturesque Hawrelak Park.

For lovers of the avant-garde, the Edmonton Fringe Festival—the largest and oldest Fringe Festival in North America—features an eclectic mix of performances, including cutting-edge musical acts. The annual Heritage Festival also adds to the musical landscape, celebrating the city’s diverse cultural heritage with performances worldwide.

Nurturing Local Talent

Edmonton takes pride in its thriving local music scene, providing numerous platforms for emerging artists. Venues like The Aviary and Bohemia offer regular open mic nights and showcases, fostering a supportive environment for local talent. The city’s commitment to nurturing new artists ensures a constant stream of fresh sounds and innovative performances.

Ryan Arcand, known as the Piano Man, passed away in 2018. You can find his performance here on the Washington Post website; now, that’s impactful. His piano performance at Churchhill Square can be found on YouTube. Speaking of the piano man, even though he was not born in Edmonton, Billy Joel, known as the Piano Man himself, visited Rexall Place; I was one of the people in the crowd who went to see him.

Nurturing talent also applies to the music teachers who provide lessons, like Dan Davis for saxophone lessons or Mary Fearon for horn lessons. We’ll even give a shout-out to Liane Gayler for flute lessons.

Music Education and Workshops

Edmonton offers many educational opportunities for those eager to deepen their musical knowledge. MacEwan University’s Conservatory of Music provides comprehensive programs in various musical disciplines. The Yardbird Suite, Canada’s longest-running jazz club, hosts workshops and masterclasses. It is a fantastic resource for aspiring musicians. The Edmonton Youth & Children’s Choirs is a website to note for those interested in other musical activities. New Music Edmonton, provides music workshops. The website is fairly extensive and worth checking out. Jazzworks workshops offer workshops for junior high and high school bands. If you’re a piano player, you may be out of luck with workshops, though not out of resources in this larger city. Let’s highlight teachers offering lessons in areas that I usually don’t mention, such as Heather Bedford-Clooney for voice lessons.

Bianca Baciu for piano lessons. Reinhard Berg for piano lessons. Alright, I’m done giving a shout-out to Grant MacEwan right now. I just got a little sentimental because that was the college I attended for a while before heading off to The Royal Conservatory of Music to start my over 25-year career at my studio, but it’s nice to stop by there once in a while.

Remember to check your local listings for piano lessons in Edmonton for a full list of the city’s music resources.

Exploring Beyond the Music

It’s time to step away from the piano and look around. While in Edmonton, take time to explore the city’s other attractions. Visit the majestic Alberta Legislature Building, enjoy the bustling atmosphere of Whyte Avenue, or stroll through the serene paths of the River Valley, North America’s most extensive urban parkland. For a dose of history and culture, the Royal Alberta Museum and Fort Edmonton Park offer fascinating insights into the region’s past.


Edmonton, Alberta, is a musical metropolis that promises all visitors an enriching and exhilarating experience. With its world-class venues, lively festivals, and supportive community, Edmonton’s dynamic music scene will inspire and entertain. Come and discover the rhythm of Edmonton – a city where music thrives and memories are made.

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