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Written by Trevor Baron

I’m a certified online piano and theory teacher accredited by the Royal Conservatory of Music; I specialize in providing personalized online lessons using platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

June 22, 2024

The 61st stop on our Canadian tour of music schools is in Salmon Arm. Welcome to Salmon Arm, British Columbia. Here’s an overview of the city’s music schools and local music scene.

City website:
Population: 17,706 (2016)

Piano Lessons in Salmon Arm

While my studio specializes in providing online piano and theory lessons through Skype or Zoom, here are some music schools that might strike the right chord if you’re looking for in-person piano lessons in Salmon Arm, British Columbia. These aren’t endorsements, just friendly suggestions to help guide your musical journey.

  1. Song Sparrow Hall
    • Description: Song Sparrow Hall is a multi-use facility and concert hall in the historic Newnes Building in downtown Salmon Arm. It features a state-of-the-art acoustically designed hall and sound system, offering a beautiful space for performing arts, celebrations, and sharing ideas. The facility encourages community involvement and partners with local arts organizations to present vibrant cultural events.
    • Website: Song Sparrow Hall
  2. Private Music Lessons – Music Teachers Directory
    • Description: The Music Teachers Directory lists private music teachers in Salmon Arm offering lessons in various instruments such as piano, violin, guitar, and more. These lessons cater to different ages and skill levels, with in-person and virtual instruction options.
    • Website: Music Teachers Directory
  3. Acorn Music
    • Description: Acorn Music is a music store that offers piano lessons. It offers a wide range of musical instruments and accessories and professional music instruction. The store aims to support the musical community in Salmon Arm with high-quality products and educational services.
    • Website: Acorn Music

Only one of the above suggestions fits the bill for what most people think of when they refer to music schools, and that is Acorn Music. The other resources may be of interest to a select few. They also seem to have another music school in conjunction with Acorn Music. Did I mention Salmon Arm also has an amazingly big treble clef? It’s located at 111 Lakeshore Dr. NE, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N3. Rumour has it it’s the world’s largest. While I didn’t confirm that fact, it’s significant enough to warrant a look, even if only online, better yet, in person.

Experience the Harmonic Beauty of Salmon Arm, British Columbia

On the shores of Shuswap Lake, we find Salmon Arm, British Columbia, a charming city known for its stunning natural landscapes and modest music scene. With live performances, engaging festivals, and an actively supportive community, Salmon Arm offers a rich and unforgettable visitor experience.

Dynamic Venues and Live Performances

Salmon Arm boasts several venues that host a variety of live music performances throughout the year. The Salmar Classic Theatre is a central hub for concerts, theatrical productions, and community events, providing an intimate setting that enhances the live music experience. For more casual settings, local spots like The Barley Station Brew Pub and the Shuswap Pie Company regularly fit the bill for an entertaining night out.

Festivals that Celebrate Music

The annual Roots and Blues Festival is a vibrant event that showcases a diverse lineup of artists across multiple genres. Held every August, this festival transforms the city into a lively celebration of sound, offering a dynamic mix of rock, folk, blues, and world music that attracts music lovers from far and wide.

Another notable event is the Salmon Arm Song Sparrow Hall Concert Series, which brings a variety of musical performances to the city throughout the year. These concerts feature local and international artists, providing an excellent opportunity to experience high-quality live music in an intimate setting.

Supporting Local Talent

Salmon Arm is dedicated to nurturing its local music scene, offering numerous opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their local venues, festivals, and pop-up events. When looking through Salmon Arms tourism, downtown, city, and area websites, I noticed that while their events calendar was not overwhelmed with music events, it was a heavy calendar of non-music related local events. My guess would be there’s someone with a guitar on a street corner somewhere in Salmon Arm, playing for whatever is going on that particular weekend. Here is a link to their visitor center to check out the local happenings:

Music Education and Workshops

As mentioned earlier, most of the music education for the residents of this community will be provided by their local music studio or private music teacher studios, whether local private teachers or online educators like myself. From reading the reviews of the music teachers, I found that students are pretty pleased with most of their music instructors in Salmon Arm.

Exploring Beyond the Music

While visiting Salmon Arm, explore the city’s other attractions. Enjoy a scenic walk along the waterfront, visit the Salmon Arm Arts Centre to appreciate local art, or explore the stunning landscapes of nearby Shuswap Lake Provincial Park. The city’s parks and natural settings provide perfect opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities.


Salmon Arm, British Columbia, is a vibrant city that offers a rich and diverse musical experience when it’s around. With its smaller venues, lively events and festivals, and supportive community, Salmon Arm is a great place to visit. Come to Salmon Arm to explore and enjoy its culture and natural beauty.

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