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Written by Trevor Baron

I’m a certified online piano and theory teacher accredited by the Royal Conservatory of Music; I specialize in providing personalized online lessons using platforms such as Skype and Zoom.

June 22, 2024

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The 62nd stop on our Canadian tour of music schools is in Surrey. Welcome to Surrey, British Columbia. Here’s an overview of the city’s music schools and local music scene.

City website:
Population: 518,467 (2017)

Piano Lessons in Surrey

While my studio specializes in providing online piano and theory lessons through Skype or Zoom, here are some music schools that might strike the right chord if you’re looking for in-person piano lessons in Surrey, British Columbia. These aren’t endorsements, just friendly suggestions to help guide your musical journey.

1. NUVO Music School

  • Description: NUVO Music School offers private in-home and online music lessons across Surrey, White Rock, Delta, and Langley. They provide lessons for instruments, including piano, voice, guitar, drums, woodwinds, brass, and strings. The school focuses on personalized music education with performance opportunities and preparation for RCM exams.
  • Website: NUVO Music School

2. Semiahmoo Academy of Music

  • Description: Semiahmoo Academy of Music offers comprehensive music education in South Surrey and White Rock. They provide private piano, violin, classical guitar, flute, and music theory lessons. The academy also prepares students for RCM exams and offers regular recital opportunities.
  • Website: Semiahmoo Academy of Music

3. Resound School of Music

  • Description: Resound School of Music specializes in in-home music lessons for instruments including piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, and voice. Serving all areas of Surrey, the school offers personalized lessons for students of all ages and skill levels, focusing on various music styles.
  • Website: Resound School of Music

4. Carillon Music Academy

  • Description: Established in 1970, Carillon Music Academy offers music education for the whole family, with lessons in piano, guitar, and voice. They provide both private and group classes and emphasize early childhood music education.
  • Website: Carillon Music Academy

5. Inspire Arts Academy

  • Description: Inspire Arts Academy offers music lessons and drama, acting, and musical theatre classes. Located in South Surrey, the academy provides personalized music instruction for all ages, with options for RCM exam preparation, music festivals, and audition preparation.
  • Website: Inspire Arts Academy

Many people expect the above when they think of music schools. These music schools provide a range of music education options to cater to different interests and skill levels in Surrey, BC.

Feel the Rhythmic Pulse of Surrey, British Columbia

Located just south of Vancouver, Surrey, British Columbia is a bustling city that harmoniously blends urban energy with a rich cultural scene. Surrey is known for its diverse live performances, engaging festivals, and supportive community. At festival time, it offers a dynamic and unforgettable musical experience for visitors and residents.

Dynamic Venues and Live Performances

Surrey maintains a variety of venues that cater to different musical tastes. The Bell Performing Arts Centre is a premier location for concerts, theatrical productions, and community events, providing a comfortable setting for an immersive musical experience. For more intimate settings, local spots like The Clayton Public House and the Central City Brew Pub regularly feature live music, creating cozy atmospheres where you can enjoy performances by local and touring musicians.

Festivals that Celebrate Music

One of the highlights of Surrey’s cultural calendar is the annual Surrey Fusion Festival, a vibrant event that celebrates the city’s cultural diversity with a rich lineup of music, dance, and culinary delights worldwide. Held at Holland Park, this festival features multiple stages showcasing a dynamic mix of genres, including rock, pop, world music, and more.

Another must-attend event is the Surrey International Children’s Festival, which, while focused on family-friendly activities, includes a variety of musical performances that entertain and inspire audiences of all ages. The festival provides a fun, inclusive environment for families to enjoy live music and cultural activities.

Supporting Local Talent

Surrey is dedicated to nurturing its local music scene, offering numerous opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents through its local festivals, restaurants, and pop-up events. The best way to figure out where to find live music is a quick online search. I didn’t create a list of locations since a quick search led to approximately 12 places offering live music.

Music Education and Workshops

Surrey offers a range of educational opportunities based on the results generated at the start of this article. This is not surprising for a community of this size. They even have a Long and McQuade, and an online search showed a variety of music schools like Music For Life offering unique services to those looking to learn music.

Exploring Beyond the Music

While visiting Surrey, take time to explore the city’s other attractions. Enjoy a scenic walk through Bear Creek Park, visit the Surrey Art Gallery to appreciate local and international art, or explore the historic sites of the nearby Stewart Farm. The city’s parks and natural settings provide perfect opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities.


Surrey, British Columbia, is a vibrant city offering a rich and diverse musical experience through festivals and city eateries. With its dynamic venues, lively festivals, and supportive community, Surrey invites music lovers to explore and enjoy the city’s culture and natural beauty. Come and feel the rhythmic pulse of Surrey – pull up a chair, sit down, and stay a while.

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